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Our Mission is to change the reality of those who wait for life saving organs through education and awareness. Increasing the survival rate and quality of life for people in need; while greatly reducing the waiting period for transplantation, are achievable goals.

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Mary's Organ Donation Story

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From the moment Angie and I met, being friends has been easy. We met while playing hockey and that eventually led to us playing softball together. In the 9 years I've known Angie we've never had a disagreement. Now maybe that's because we've had long stretches where we haven't seen each other frequently, but when we do get together we seem to pick up right where we left off.

When I got sick in November 2009, I hadn't seen Angie for a while but she was the first person that popped into my head that I really wanted to talk to because we'd always been able to talk about anything and as always she was there to listen to me and of course, make me laugh even when I didn't want to.

Although the school year is usually harder for us to get together, the summer is "our time". I have Fridays off and Angie is off from school so we are able to golf and have lunch often. So, when I received a call from Angie in July 2010 I thought Angie just wanted to schedule a golf date. I was absolutely shocked when she told me she had been evaluated at the University of Minnesota and wanted to know if I wanted half of her liver. Of course, we had a couple of discussions after that about the risk she was taking, but neither of us wavered from the commitment to make the transplant a success.

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By the time the day of the transplant came around; I just knew everything was going to be fine mostly because my new liver came from such a wonderful person who I admire and love. Since the transplant I've been able to return to my life pre-transplant but there are things that have changed. My donor and I see each other much more often and there really is a connection between us now - just a look, a smile and a hug - almost feels like coming home after a long journey. The last couple of years have been tough on me physically, but a wonderful experience for my soul.