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Our Mission is to change the reality of those who wait for life saving organs through education and awareness. Increasing the survival rate and quality of life for people in need; while greatly reducing the waiting period for transplantation, are achievable goals.

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Ethics of Transplantation

Organ and Tissue Transplantation are about saving as many lives as possible and restoring essential functions for many otherwise untreatable patients. The one major problem surrounding organ transplantation is the need for organs.

For over 30 years, ethical scrutiny has been a hot topic. Not everyone who needs an organ gets one. Ethical issues arise when decisions are made as to who receives an organ and who continues to wait.

These events have raised many ethical, moral and societal issues regarding supply, the methods of organ allocation, and the use of living donors as volunteers, including minors.

There are many great articles on the ethics of organ and tissue transplantation. See links to the right for more information.